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EPIC Group - Global Technology
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Greg Weismantel

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Company Overview

The Epic Group – Global Technology evolved from the expertise and background of its founder in the Consumer Goods Industry and Management Consulting Industry. It is a unique group of business units which supports non-technology and technology products and services utilizing proven methods developed by its founder.

Greg Weismantel began his career in executive sales and marketing management positions with General Foods Corporation (GF), which is now Kraft Foods. He was with GF for 15 years when he left and founded the Manor House Coffee Company, Chicago, Illinois, restoring a Chicago area landmark brand to prominence, and then selling this company to the Bradford Exchange owned by J. Roderick MacArthur.

Weismantel joined Louis Allen Associates of Palo Alto, CA, a top 100 Management Consulting firm, as Senior Vice President with major accountability in developing managers and management processes including strategic planning. He had major assignments with Commonwealth Edison, Martin-Marietta, Lockheed, and other large organizations with major assignments in restructuring and reorganizing. In 1990, Weismantel formed his own management consulting firm which is now the Epic Management Group, implementing management processes and strategic plans with Commonwealth Edison (Exelon), Martin Marietta, Flakt, Inc., Zebra Technology, Diamond Walnut and Asea Brown Boveri (ABB Group) as major principals. He also worked with smaller organizations such as Icco Cheese, Johnson Industries, Doran Scales and Norix Group.

It was during this time that he recognized the need for collaborative sales and marketing applications for the consumer goods industry. He founded The Vista Technology Group in 1992, and developed the first fully integrated trade promotion/trade funds management applications that integrated with SAP and PeopleSoft, both large enterprise systems. Major clients were H. J. Heinz, McCormick Spices, Danone, J. M. Smuckers, Proctor & Gamble, Quaker Oats, and others. This business was sold in 2002 to JDA Software, Scottsdale, AZ.

In 2003, Weismantel started the Epic Group, which has evolved into four distinct technology and consulting business units.

The Epic Management Group remained his management consulting business unit, specializing in strategic planning and management development. This business unit utilizes the six functions of management to train and develop a company’s key managerial candidates. The Middle Management Boot Camp and the Senior Management War College are new programs that have extended the firm’s management development services, but the program for family run businesses in Succession Management is popular as well.

The 2nd business unit of the Epic Group, Epic Global Technology, supports the growing need to synchronize key data elements in the Supply Chain, utilizing Epic Global Technology applications and consultants in its Cloud Computing and Data Synchronization initiatives to synchronize data using global standards. Clients include Associated Wholesale Grocers, KC and Unified Grocers, California, with 40 other SMB manufacturers and processors. In 2010, On Line Backup and Disaster Recovery and PC–Laptop-Smartphone Support and Services were added.

In 2008-2009, Weismantel added the 3rd business unit of the Epic Group, Hawkeye Perfect Measure™ Systems, which is a hardware and software solution that addresses the need for cubotics™ and exact measurements and weights verified by global standards used by both the retailer and the supplier in warehouses and shelf management operations.

It is the combination of Weismantel’s team of experts in management consulting and technology that provides a compelling reason for organizations to utilize the products and services of the Epic Group of companies.

Epic’s latest business unit is Global Pavilion Ltd which provides technology and non-technology products and services for schools, booster clubs, churches and homeowner associations in a program which harnesses the power of the members of these organizations similar to a co-op in the business world. A similar program for small businesses is under development for implementation in 2011.