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Partners & Alliances

Epic has established a solid group of partners and has formed alliances with companies who have placed resources behind these relationships. Epic will only form such relationships with entities who will make a contribution of resources as large as Epicís to the success of the partnership or alliance.

In this regard, the following partners and alliances have been formed which enhance the market position of both parties.

Technology Partners

Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Certified Partner

EPIC Group - Global Technology is a Microsoft Certified Partner, and has held that position for several years. EPIC is also a certified Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for Microsoft's Business Solutions Systems, specializing in .NET applications in trade promotion management that are integrated with MS CRM. Epic utilizes microsoft technology throughout its organization, both in products developed for use in data synchronization as well as services to support the data synchronization efforts within the consumer goods and transportation services industries. www.microsoft.com/businesssolutions

Data Sync Partners


Epic utilizes the GS1- Certified Lansa data synchronization engine within its advanced data sync solution with retailers. Epic also hosts Lansaís supply side solution with small suppliers. Lansa is a certified 1Sync Solution Provider, and a leading supplier of data synchronization tools that allow manufacturers and retailers/wholesalers to synchronize their item data with global data pools, such as 1SYNC GS1-US.

Doran Scales, Inc.
Epic and Doran have formed a venture which developed the Hawkeye Perfect Measureô Systems that are included in Epicís Hawkeye Systems Business Unit. Perfect Measure Systems are a hardware and software solution that supports data synchronization with retailers and suppliers, along with cubotics and exactics of measurements for the warehouse services and supply chain industry.

For over 30 years, Doran Scales, Inc. has been a leading provider of industrial grade digital scales for use in manufacturing, warehousing, heavy industry, food processing, and chemical processing. Doran is an ISO-9000 manufacturer located in Batavia, Illinois.

ActiveHost, Inc.

Epic and AcgtiveHost Corporation, Schnectady NY, have been partners since 2003. ActiveHost is one of the premier web hosting companies in the United States, and is a Gold Microsoft Certified partner. They specialize in helping clients like Epic in cloud computing and eCommerce solutions.