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Cloud Computing Services

Through its partnership with ActiveHost in Schenectady, NY, Epic provides a variety of services in its Cloud, which have the capability of saving all businesses money on its IT budgets.

Cloud computing is the same as Software as a Service (SaaS), but it extends beyond the normal SaaS approach. Still, the best benefit is that an organization does not have the worries of supporting multiple networks and databases with specialists who would cost significantly more than their value to a network.

Cloud computing is not for every business, but it is definitely for 80% of all SMB (Small & Medium Business) companies that don’t need to have an expensive on-site staff to pay for hardware, software, and the maintenance thereof.

Here are the benefits:

The major issue is whether a company wishes to maintain, support and pay for ongoing hardware and software for all the systems that it needs, and staff with people to support the systems, and keep training these new people ongoing on new technology. Even larger companies are beginning to out-source their IT requirements to cloud computing, and the time for SMB to do likewise is NOW!

Pro’s of Cloud Hosted Servers – where most companies are going:

  • No need for major IT staff. Reduces IT staff by 80%; no need to update in-house credentials and certifications for Network and DBA personnel.
  • Keeps costs low, fixed overhead * 24x7 support with support and firewalls
  • Maintenance of servers included in monthly expense-major pain locally
  • Manages server sw and licenses – a major pain locally
  • MS group licenses for cloud computing are 40% cheaper than those on local workstations, and require 80% less upkeep and update time by IT staff
  • Manages the updates and patches to sw – a major pain locally
  • Eliminates capacity under utilization or over utilization
  • Includes email support, so it eliminates need for Exchange locally – major pain
  • Automatic email from ERP can be easily facilitated in the cloud
  • Customizations easy to test, go to production
  • New hot fixes by ERP systems can be remote to server without company being involved. No rebooting is necessary.
  • Backup systems and bandwidth are a part of the cost. On Line backup is included with tape, and server – 3 way best practice backup!
  • Accommodates outside offices better than local servers, without company being involved, and employees work from home better.
  • Less bandwidth problems. Depending on the need, bandwidth can be expanded based upon the number of users. Costs to expand bandwidth in the cloud are 60% less expensive than on local servers, not including people costs.
  • Linked with a data mart, cloud computing is a better solution for reports for ERP and other portal use, as all ERP reports – particularly large customized ones – are major memory hogs.
  • Removes the user from being his/her own IT pro, keeping his/her accountability for what they were hired. (e.g. one user wants a 64 bit machine when the standard for the company is 32-bit)
  • Ready and available for use with portals for sales and vendors.

Con’s of Cloud Hosted Servers.

  • Requires local support for workstations and local issues by qualified network, DBA, workstation, laptop, and smartphone personnel. Which is what Epic technology supports
  • Risks that any network or local changes impact settings in the cloud. We have seen this in several situations where systems went down due to setting changes, etc.
  • Requires immediate first line support to meet your needs quickly; and top notch 2nd line of support from dedicated professionals.
  • Requires more communication and coordination between employees and cloud contacts when there are issues in the cloud – too often individuals do not inform anyone of issues but sit on them.
  • Removes the user from being his/her own IT pro, and having to be accountable for their own system.
  • Requires ongoing training for non-technical personnel on how to navigate and use their systems more efficiently – at least once per quarter.
  • Employees are not in direct control

The following graphic identifies how cloud computing can support all the company’s requirements for CRM, ERP, email, and legacy systems in the Cloud.

Epic Global Technology - Cloud Computing Solution

Contact Epic to determine if cloud computing is a cost savings approach you can utilize.