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Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption Systems

The most important service that Epic provides to small and medium businesses (SMB) is to protect it from losing mission critical information due to lack of utilizing “best practices” in a wise process, but more importantly, providing the quickest methods possible in resuming business when a loss occurs.

Business continuity can be described as not having one break in the process of utilizing technology in the process of order to cash. It is impossible to have 100% business continuity with any technology, but “Immediate Business Resumption” (IBR) should be the objective of any company with mission critical data on a server or laptop, and it is what Epic offers to its clients in the areas of servers and fleet laptops, and soon in the area of Smart Phones.

Being able to backup properly is the most critical step that is a “best practice” in immediate business resumption (IBR), but having a complete Disaster Recover plan is the blue print by which your company can resume operations efficiently and effective to keep your customers satisfied with your products and services.

Unfortunately, only 64% of businesses backup their mission critical data on a daily, ongoing basis, and the vast majority of this 64% use only one media to backup (tape), which is in itself a cardinal sin. Tape backup is losing its significance in the disaster recovery area because of its lack of reliability, and the many tape “breaks” that occur on a consistent basis. Thus, any IBR plan must include at least two media backup processes, and preferably three.

Epic’s analysis of companies shows the following statistics for small and medium businesses (SMB), beginning with the importance shown by the CEOs:

Percentage of CEOs who know their Disaster Recovery plan, or if they even have one 26%
Percentage of companies that do not backup servers regularly 64%
Percentage of companies that have only tape backup 89%
Percentage of companies with critical data on laptops 88%
Percentage of companies that backup laptops to servers 4%
Percentage of companies with no daily backup for laptops 96%
Percentage of companies that do not backup smartphones 99%

Laptop Recovery Emphasis

The emphasis on recovering data and resuming service for fleet laptops is an area that most companies of all sizes neglect. It also is a key area of a company’s data that is seldom placed on a continual backup program, and if it is, it usually is a part of a tedious and time consuming effort to backup the laptop data to a local server at the company’s headquarters.

Whenever a backup process is tedious and time consuming, the odds are great that the user will not back up the data ongoing. This is where Epic’s on line back up of data on a laptop is consistently superior to other methods in use.

By placing Epic’s on line backup agent on a laptop, the automatic backup of data for the laptop is automatically encrypted three times and is stored in secured silo’s of the SOS Online Backup network. This backup program is easily installed, either by the user or remotely by Epic, so that a schedule can be utilized which eliminates the need for the user to link the data with any server whatsoever.

Epic’s system has the capability of recovering data directly from the storage silos, but because the system will archive each version of the backup and store the version, Epic offers a unique capability for a user to bring back an older version from the archives as well as the current one.

Business Resumption

Business resumption systems allow any size company to institute their own business recovery plan within the quickest metric possible. Depending upon the size of the disaster this resumption time period could be as little as an hour or as much as several days. All of this down time impacts a company’s daily business.

Epic will help your company design and develop a Disaster Recovery & Business Resumption plan based upon the priorities of your business.

For example, it is easy to have your objective to keep revenue flowing as usual, but it could be just as critical to have the email and phone system going, and particularly when the Internet Service Provider is a part of your phone system. Some companies may even have more of a priority on having their web site protected with a plan, because business resumption is more critical if they sell across the web, or communicate with their sales and vendors through a portal.