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Hawkeye Systems
Perfect Measuring Systems 

To provide the necessary hardware and software devices to insure and certify the data accuracy of the measurements required for accurate data sync and warehouse management system projects.

Data accuracy is the latest buzz word throughout the consumer goods industry, since it impacts every facet from shipping, receiving, transporting, and warehousing of the large number of SKUs (Shelf Keeping Units) within the industry. Through its extensive work with suppliers and retailers within the data synchronization area of the consumer goods industry, Epic has been working with category managers and warehouse managers who have identified a problem affecting the data accuracy of item information in a data sync Initiative.

The problem is inaccurate dimensions and weights of cases of product, as well as the dimensions and weights of the items within the case. The solution is Hawkeye Perfect Measure™ systems.

Hawkeye Perfect Measure Systems include a hardware component and a software component, but the end results are the same: Perfect data in the form of perfect dimension and weights for data synchronization, warehouse and transportation systems at both the retailer and supplier location.