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Hawkeye Systems
Hawkeye Data Certification System and Audit Services

While the measurements of Hawkeye Perfect Measure™ Systems are significantly more accurate than anything available today, particularly calipers, Epic has designed and developed an economical certification system which allows the supplier to utilize Hawkeye Systems and store this data by encryption whereby Epic will certify and insure to the retailer that this information has been accurately measured from a certified, calibrated Hawkeye System. This data is stored for the supplier in a secured storage facility in Epic’s Cloud Computing Network, and is version controlled to store all iterations of the pathology of measurement for the item.

This certification system is called “Hawkeye Certification System” and links together electronically with every Hawkeye Perfect Measure system across the Internet

Epic also provides certification audit services to suppliers and retailers, at a very economical unit cost. They also utilize Hawkeye Perfect Measure Systems either at the client’s warehouse location, or at Epic’s location. Contact Epic for details.