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Global Pavilion
Schools, Homeowners & Club Programs

The Global Pavilion program is established for members of any organization that signs up for the GPL program for 12 months, but there is no financial obligation by the organization. If a member of an organization also owns a small business, any Global Pavilion Small Business program will also be included to receive a rebate to the organization.

For example, if a Schoolís Booster Club signs up for the GPL program, any member of the Booster Club who purchases a product or service from Global Pavilion will receive the high quality and economic costs of the GPL program, and the Booster Club will receive the 5% rebate for that member. If that same member owns a small business and subscribes to the Global Pavilion program for small businesses, that member can assign 5% for his small business services to that Booster Club.

Both technical and non-technical products and services will be included in the Global Pavilion Fund Raising program for a 12-month period, whereas only the technical products and services will be included in the Small Business Program.

The participating organization (i.e., school organization, church organization, Homeowner Association, etc.) will approve a 12-month letter agreement to allow GPL to market the program to its membership. There will be no administrative duties or responsibilities on the participating organization whatsoever, as GPL will pay for mailing and emailing the program specifics to the organizationís membership, as well as marketing to those members.

There is no requirement that any member actually participate in the program, and any participation is between Global Pavilion, the Tradesmen approved by GPL, and the homeowner or business owner.

It is expected that the program will include the following products and services, and expand into areas that will provide value to the organizationís members.

For Consumers: Non-Technical Products & Services:

  • Spring Mulch Delivery and Spreading
  • Spring and Fall Tree Cutting services
  • Blacktop Sealing; Cement sealing
  • Deck restoration and staining
  • Plumbing, Heating, AC maintenance
  • Roofing work; clean, repair, and preserve cedar roofing.
  • Internal & External House Painting
  • Handy Man Services

For Consumers & SMB Companies: Technical Products & Services

  • Remote PC, Laptop, & Smart Phone Services
    • Anti-virus and malware protection
    • iPhone, Droid, & Blackberry support
  • Daily Remote Backup & Disaster Recovery Services for all in-home PCs, Laptops, Servers, and smart phones
    • Fully encrypted backup support
    • Daily Fleet Laptop Backup Services
    • Daily iPhone, Droid, Blackberry Backup Services
  • Annual remote PC Tune-Up for maximum performance
  • Hardware / Software purchases at Reseller prices.