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Management Group
Strategic Planning

Most small to medium organizations believe that a strategic plan is a sheet of paper which identifies where they want to be. In fact, it is another process of the organization, and an activity of the function of management called “Strategy.”

It is not necessary to have a formal Strategic Plan in order to be successful, but the most successful companies all have one, and this should be a strong indication for those organizations who desire to reach the top of their potential. Operational plans in conjunction with Strategic Plans are the key to the overall success of the company, and particularly important for the family owned business in the process of moving their accountabilities to their sons or daughters in Succession Management.

Epic facilitates the work required for having a solid Strategic Plan with every business, but the organization does the work, and the President provides the actual Strategy. This is not a casual undertaking, and it requires a dedicated team with a commitment from the President over a 6-9 month time period.

Epic’s assignments in Strategic Planning have allowed us the experience to see what is successful, and how to implement a strategic plan with operations. Dynamite!