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Management Group
Management Processes

A “management process” is the process used in managing your daily work. It is linear, and always involves the six functions of managing working together for you. Epic Management Group excels at analyzing your management process within the organization, and then identifies the “logic gaps” that your people witness as being poor management activities. The Management DNA Survey is a first step in this regard.

Epic works with your organization to establish the proper process of managing on a daily basis. This is called Operational Management, where the normal everyday functions of Planning, Organizing, Teamwork, Leading, and Controlling all interrelate together to form a cohesive team structure. Note, the function of strategy is not included in this process, but is separate.

The process of management is very linear, like a road map, and Epic explains the process so that your managers understand where they are on the management map at all times.

Because managing people is a curve, not linear, it is critical that the management team at your company have the proper process in place so that they can look at their road map whenever a management decision is required, and take action.

Epic trains your organization in the process of managing, and helps you implement Key Objectives and Metrics to achieve success.