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Management Group
Management Superiority - Basic Management Training

One of the areas that business managers never have time is in training their employees to become good managers of the resources of the company. Epicís Basic Management Training programs are the first stages of instructing all individuals how to manage resources, and this does not necessarily mean people management.

Management work is the hardest work for any individual, and it includes the six functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, teamwork, control, and strategy. The higher in the organization that you find yourself, the greater amount of management work is involved in your job. Therefore those managers who master the activities of those six functions will find themselves successful with any company.

Epicís Basic Management Training program is a 2-day session which focuses on the process of decision making and problem solving, while enabling all participants to understand the use of metrics in managing their accountabilities.

Each individual brings a problem or issue on the job at your company that they want to resolve, and will work on this issue with a team during the session. The result will be the development of a formal Action Plan to resolve the issue back on the job.

In addition, we begin working on the individualís ongoing objectives and metrics that they can utilize with their manager to establish their own self-evaluation process within their department.

The majority of the work in Epicís Basic Management Training program will focus around concepts and techniques of management using case studies, which the individual can actually use back on the job, and in future positions of management.

Epic provides these sessions on site for your group, with a format that allows the individual to remain working and effective while spending some time being trained by Epicís Management Team.