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Management Group
Epic’s Management Boot Camp

The Manager’s Boot Camp is a 4-month program that has been designed and developed to prepare new managers and middle managers within an organization for future management positions within the company. It is not an interpersonal skills program but a boot camp of the “blocking and tackling” techniques that successful managers utilize throughout the country.

This is not a training program, but a development program. A training program is driven 90% by your company and 10% by the individual. A development program is driven 90% by the individual and 10% by your company. The boot camp is a development program, and therefore it will be driven by each participant in the program.

Participants are chosen by upper management to participate in the Boot Camp, and they have every right to decline for any reason. It is a tough course that must navigate the throes of every day work with work outside the realm of an individual’s daily routine. It takes a commitment by the individual to complete the work, but the overall rewards to the individual and to the company are critical to the future managers the program builds.

While the majority of the work in the Manager’s Boot Camp will focus around concepts and techniques of management, there will be areas that will be training in nature which will provide some insights on the “how to” do things. For example, business writing and negotiation skills are topics which are covered during the 4-month camp.

At the end of the program there is a formal test given to all participants, with a self evaluation and group appraisal of each individual’s work and participation with the intention of allowing the individual to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses.