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Management Group
Effective Management DNA Survey for Business Owners

Epic provides the basis by which a business owner or executive can evaluate its managementís strength and weakness as it relates to the six functions of management. Epic provides a Management DNA Survey which has been administered to over 5,000 individuals, and whose average scores allow your organization to evaluate themselves on how good they are in Strategy, Planning, Organizing, Leading, Teamwork, and Control.

However, this Management DNA Survey is taken by the direct reports of an organization, evaluating what the employee sees in its management team. This might be intimidating to poor managers, but strong managers have to be leaders who confront their weaknesses. Who else but your direct reports could tell the key management team how they see you managing properly.

Download the short version of the Effective Management DNA Survey and let your direct reports evaluate how they observe you as a manager in relation to the six functions of management!

Then contact Epic Management Group to provide the average answers that other executive teams have given their own managers so you can compare results. You will want to provide this survey to your entire organization to see how your direct reports also manage with their personnel.