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Strategic Management

The cornerstone to double-digit growth is implemented only by really successful CEOs. Epic's studies of really successful CEO's provide the roadmap to sucess.

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Succession Management

While Strategic Management is the brick that includes the Axioms of Success, Succession Management is the mortar which keeps the company together. It's the team players.

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It is not often that an individual discovers the Holy Grail for “high growth” CEOs and Executives.

After having spent several years in senior and general management positions with major companies, Greg Weismantel spent 30 years in CEO roles or as an executive consultant with CEOs. He noticed in his assignments that the most successful CEOs all performed similar practices in being ultra successful, and he and his firm codified these practices into the “Axioms of Success” for mentoring high-growth CEOs.

Greg spent 14 years in Executive Sales/Marketing and Brand Management positions with Kraft-General Foods, three years as President/CEO of Manor House Foods, three years as Vice President for Professional Marketers Inc. and two years as CEO of Aquitec, Inc. of Chicago.

His Management Consulting experience began as a Senior VP for Louis Allen Associates, a top 100 management consulting firm located in Palo Alto, CA. In 1992, Weismantel founded the Epic Management Group and developed a “Success Institute” in Strategic Management for CEOs utilizing the Axioms of Success.

He has utilized these Axioms in assignments with Flakt, Inc, Asea Brown Boveri US (ABB), Arthur Andersen, Commonwealth Edison, Diamond Walnut, Martin-Marietta, Lockheed, Zebra Technologies, Johnson Industries, Doran Scales, Norix Group, Mueller LLC, DHJJ Inc. and many others.

Greg is a contributor of strategic articles for Accounting Today, and has written three books on Leadership Success: “Vocabulary & Axioms for Professional Managers and Partners”; “It’s Accountability….Stupid, FIRE YOUR COMPANY”. In 2018 “The CEO Strategist” with two other books are scheduled for publication.

Mr. Weismantel is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, holds an MBA degree from Loyola University of Chicago, and has published three books on management. He has been recognized by his peers and listed in Who’s Who in America each year since 1993. Also, Army Strong, having served as an officer in the 14th Armored Cavalry.

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